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Product Description

Cinch Premium 6mm x 2.4mtr

Ratchet Rope Tie Downs



We're always looking for a simple solution to our awning tie down & load restraint needs & our Cinch Ratchet Rope Tie Downs offer just that.
They are so quick & easy to tension & release.
Simply attach the hooks at both ends & pull on the rope to achieve the required tension.
When it comes time to undo, simply push the quick release thumb tab & you're away.
 Not only great for tying down caravan / car awnings / gazebos etc, but also for securing loads & as a hanging storage system in the shed or garage to free up valuable floor space.


Not all things are created Equal, What set's the Cinch brand apart?

It's the Premium Features: 

  • Thicker Housing - Heavy Duty 3.0mm UV Stabilised Glass Filled Nylon (durability & longer life)
  • Small Increment One Way Metal Ratchet Mechanism (allows small adjustments when tensioning, giving the user the ability to fine tune without over tensioning)
  • Protective Coating on Hooks 
  • 1/4" (6mm) x 8ft (2.4mtr) diameter black/blue fleck polypropylene rope (more resistant to fading)
  • Metal Quick Release Tab (easily disengaged, even under tension)

Combine with our Ezy Anchor Screw in pegs & Shockloc Straps & you've got a complete awning & shade/privacy screen anchoring & tie down solution.

Includes 2.4mtrs (8ft) of 6mm (1/4") black/blue fleck rope and coated S hooks. Can be refitted with any length 6mm or 1/4" braided cord.

Holding weight - 68kg.


Made in China