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500W Mini 5-Fin Oil Heater 240V

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Product Description

Operated through an adjustable thermostat so you can control the temperature. It is ideal for adding some extra heat into any room. A conveniently sized, it has wide feet for stability and a built in carry handle for manoeuvrability. This Powertech radiator has five fins which cover a larger surface area in order to heat a house or caravan quickly and effectively. Using oil as a heat conductor the radiator efficiently draws in cold air, heats it and then releases it back in order to warm the room.

Benefits of oil column heaters

Noiseless operation
Easy to install – just plug in and enjoy
Can be left unattended
Slim profile that fits easily into any room


Width : 130mm
Height : 425mm
Depth : 270mm
Cable length : 1.4m
Packaged Volume : 16.52l
Packaged Weight : 3kg
Packaged Length : 42.3cm
Packaged Width : 27.9cm
Packaged Height : 14cm
Rated for AU Mains : true
Rated for US Mains : false
Auto-select mains voltage : false
Max Input Power : 500W