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Product Description


The Tred GT Levelling Ramp Kit helps to stabilise any vehicle, trailer or caravan, with anti-sink plates and up to 120 mm of levelling lift for security on a range of rough and uneven terrains. This kit comes complete with levelling ramps, chocks and anti-sink plates to keep you and your vehicle safely positioned. Made in Australia with the local landscape in mind, this easy to use and remove kit is a necessity for any driving holidays.

  • Fits between most tandem axle caravan wheels
  • Up to 120 mm of levelling lift
  • Levelling lift can infinitely increase in 15 mm increments with the use of additional anti-sink plates
  • Single gradient for finite adjustment to perfectly position the vehicle, trailer or caravan on the ramp
  • Multi-position chocks with a ratchet in effect for the ideal secure position
  • TRED-Link design to nest all components together in one part for easy grab and go convenience
  • Easy removal of wheel chocks (lateral push or pull) with a vehicle, trailer or caravan on the ramp
  • Flat base design on the ramp for anti-sink performance


Packaged Volume : 23l
Packaged Weight : 5.47kg
Packaged Length : 50cm
Packaged Width : 25.7cm
Packaged Height : 17.9cm
Length : 999mm
Contains Button Cell : false
Availability : Stocked item