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Product Description

The telescopic Lantern has a built-in telescopic pole and a push-to-open tripod that, thanks to its telescopic structure, can be used in at least three ways: the tallest, expanded, and folded, enabling it to turn into a high tripod light, table light, backpack light and flashlight. Also powerbank function.

Multi-Mode Lantern with Dual Color Illumination

Illuminate your way with our versatile lantern featuring three brightness modes for tailored lighting and an SOS mode for emergencies. Switch between warm and cool color modes to create the perfect ambiance. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or facing a crisis, this lantern is your reliable source of light.

720° Rotatable Light Head

Infinite 360° horizontal rotation and 180° vertical flip, with flexible angle conversion, providing lighting area at any angle. Ability to light up a broad area, focus on specific zones, which is an industry first in all previous lighting tools.

One-Touch-Open Tripod with Super Magnetic

Built-in 6 Nd strong magnets firmly attached to metal parts of car hoods, motorcycles, boats, etc. It is suitable for engine maintenance at night, vehicle bottom maintenance, tire maintenance, and other lighting, and it can easily repair every corner and gap of the car.

12000mAh Power Bank

EVO LANTERN 12000mAh large capacity battery provides you with efficient lighting while also serving as a power bank to quickly charge your phone and can be paired with a solar panel to recharge itself.