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Safety Chain Holder for Aluminium Chassis 2.5 – 3.5T 13MM HOLDER


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Product Description

Safety Chain Holder for Aluminium Chassis

Safety chain holder for aluminium chassis rail. High Tensile, grade 8.8 bolts are required but not included.

This chain holder passed all regulatory requirements for safety chain attachment to aluminium boat trailers.

The chain holder is welded to an 8mm plate. It is not legal to bolt safety chains to the trailer, although we have often witnessed bolted safety chains on trailers at the boat ramp.

Safety chain holders are available in two models:

  • 10mm suit trailers up to 2.5t
  • 13mm suit trailers from 2.5t to 3.5t (note, two pcs required)

Comparative products

Dee or bow shackles are not approved for attaching safety chains to safety chain holders (on the trailer).

Conversely, dee / Bow shackles are approved for attachment of the safety chain to the tow bar only.

Regarding lengthening safety chains. Hammerlocks but not multiple dee shackles may lengthen chains.

Furthermore, dee shackles do not connect to the safety chain holder, so the chain must not be detached from the chassis rail under any circumstance. It is possible to separate the chain using dee shackles.

Also, once the safety chain holder has been installed and tensioned by your installer, it is installed for life or until the manufacturer decides the holder should be upgraded.

Safety Chain Plate Specifications


Safety Chain Plate Specifications


In the past, we have seen some pretty lousy chain setups. As a result, we took time to invent a simple solution to a critical problem.

You are required to weld the safety chain or safety chain holder to your chassis rail. Welding the chain holder to a bracket and then bolting to the chassis rail using Grade 8 bolts is an accepted practice.

For example, welding steel brackets to aluminium trailers is impossible unless some innovative engineering is provided.

In the case of a welding chain directly to the trailer, the weld must cover 1/2 the link only. However, the Aluminum chain is not permissible to use as a safety chain.

In conclusion, the bracket holes accommodate 6 x M8.8 high tensile bolts and 100mm of weld top and bottom.