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Product Description



he XD Hitch (Double, Triple) (9000, 9001) (pat. pend) is part of our RacksBrax XD range.


The XD Hitch (Double) (9000) is ideal for:

  - Wing-style awnings with spine track spacings between 100-120mm
  - 2 mounting points (e.g. 1 vehicle + 1 awning/accessory)
  - Awnings with a max. load of 40kg (i.e. 20kg x 2 loading points)

The XD Hitch (Double) (9000) will fit most wing awnings 


The XD Hitch (9000, 9001) will also work with our entire RacksBrax XD Accessory range:

  - XD Wall Mount (9010) or XD Lockable Wall Mount (9011) which lets you remove your roof rack accessory so that it can be fixed to a garage wall when not in use.
  - XD Multi-Awn Adaptor (9114, 9115) for removing 30 Second, Bushwakka and SUPA PEG 270 Outbound Shield 6 awnings quickly.
  - XD Awning Connector (9120, 9121) which adds compatibility for the Alu-Cab 270 Shadow and Quick Pitch Weathershade 20 Second awnings.
  - XD Bracket range which connects your XD Hitch with most roof bar- and platform-style racks.


The XD Hitch is ideal for a variety of wing awnings including most 180°, 270° and 360° awnings such as the Darche Eclipse range, Howling Moon range, 23Zero range, The Bush Company range and others. Additionally, the XD Hitch fits the Ostrich Wing awnings utilising the standard Slider Bracket that ships with them. Roof racks and accessory brackets suited to roof racks are not included.

The XD Hitch complements the highly successful HD Hitch; both manufactured in Australia using UV-stabilised, glass-reinforced nylon to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.


How many Hitches for my awning?

The XD Hitch is sold in Double or Triple packs. Download the PDF recommendation guide for a summary of the minimum number of XD Hitches needed for various awning types.

Lost your instructions? Detailed instructions are available at “Instructions”. Simply scroll down to...

NOTE: Awnings must be restrained in windy conditions, drained during rain and cleared during snow.