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24-piece Cutlery Set


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Product Description

The Clearview® Cutlery Set is the perfect cutlery set for camping. Its a great addition to your current Clearview® Pantry or camping kitchen to keep all your cooking essentials conveniently in place and organised when on the road.

This 24-piece cutlery set includes 4 x forks, 4 x knives, 4 x tablespoons and 4 x teaspoons, as well as a Chef’s knife, bread knife, paring knife, spatula, serving spoon, tongs, chopping board, and even a bottle opener/corkscrew!

Containing all your essential cutlery and cooking utensils, this is your one-stop-shop for all things cooking on the go.

  • Conveniently stowed, this cutlery set folds open/closed and can be secured with its straps and quick-release buckle clips, for efficient, safe storage.
  • Can be permanently/semi-permanently installed onto the side of your Fridge Cage or table with its two included carabiner clips.
  • Individual pockets and elastics keep your cutlery and utensils in place without clanging against each other, preventing scratches or damage.
  • The included plastic cutting board is low maintenance and perfect for when on the road!
  • Heavy-duty black Canvas provides a durable storage solution
  • Dimensions: 56 W x 43cm H (when opened)