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Product Description


old drinks and food will always be within easy reach with this feature-packed eight litre, compressor-type fridge/freezer which is designed to be mounted in place of a standard centre console, in a car, four wheel drive, or ute.

The fridge can run on 12 or 24 volt and is supplied with a cable to connect to a cigarette lighter socket. The fridge's 3-stage low voltage battery protection, helps avoid the vehicle’s battery from going flat. Settings for Fast Cooling or Energy Saving is easily set from the control panel which also includes a temperature display.

An integrated wireless phone charger suitable for phones with a wireless charging feature (Qi-supported), avoids any need for messy charging cables. Two USB ports are also provided for phones or gadgets that don’t have wireless charging. The lid and arm rest is finished in a soft leather-like material. The fridge is backed by a 3-year warranty.

Features include:

  • High efficiency DC compressor and conversion module
  • Dual mode operation (Fast Cooling or Energy Saving)
  • QI wireless phone charging
  • Two USB ports
  • 0.25kWh power usage per 24 hour period


Packaged Volume : 65.25l
Packaged Weight : 9kg
Packaged Length : 58cm
Packaged Width : 25cm
Packaged Height : 45cm
Length : 538mm
Width : 190mm
Height : 390mm
Weight : 9kg
Current Draw : 1.88A, 3.75A
Required Voltage : 12V, 24V
Average Power Consumption : 30W
Length : 235mm
Width : 112mm
Depth : 270mm
Insulation material : CFC and HFC free PU Foam
Refrigerant / Thermal Device : R134a
Temperature setting range : -20°C, 20°C
Functions : Refrigerator
Device type : Fixed installation refrigerator
External Material : Metal
Fridge internal capacity : 8l
Noise Level Rating : 45dB
Can Capacity (375ml) : 10pc
Availability : Stocked item